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‘Seks po polsku’ – the sex lives of Poles:


At the end of 2011, the famous Professor Zbigniew Izdebski of the world-renowned Zielona Góra University conducted vital research into the important question of how frequently Poles ‘do it’, for how long, how much they enjoy ‘doing it’, and other important procreation related queries.

68% of Poles express satisfaction with their sex lives:


The Szczecinianin is happy to present the results of his cutting-edge research, and make some comparisons, where possible, with sex-related surveys in the United Kingdom.

“How was it for you?” – satisfaction with sex life:
Research shows that up to 68% of Poles are satisfied with their sex life, with only 9% dissatisfied. Interestingly, men and women gave very similar answers to this question.

75% of U.K. respondants expressed satisfaction with their sex lives.

‘Popping her cherry’ – age of first sex:
In Poland, the average age of sexual initiation for men is 18.1 and for women 18.7. The age of initiation has shown a gradual decrease; in 1997 was 18.4 for men and 19.3 for women, although there has been no change since the 2005 survey, with regard to men.

The average Briton loses his or her virginity between the ages of 16 and 17.

‘Notches on the bedpost’ – number of sexual partners:

The lifetime average number of sexual partners for Poles is 4.28

The lifetime average in the U.K. is 9

“And how long can you keep it up then?” – duration of sexual intercourse:

The average length of a sexual act (from foreplay to termination) is 28 minutes in Poland, and the length of sexual intercourse, (from the introduction of the penis into the vagina), is 13.88 minutes.

Professor Zbigniew Izdebski, University of Zielona Góra

We have no comparable data from the U.K., but sincerely hope the learned professor enjoyed his research.

“Are you getting it regular?” – frequency of sexual intercourse:

71% of Poles aged 15-49, engaged in intercourse at least once a week, 43% of men and 38% of women 2-3 times a week, and 5% of men and 4% of women every day.

This compares with (UK) once a week 61%,  20% 2-3 times, and just 3% every day.

‘Variety is the spice of life’ – alternative methods of intercourse:

52% of Poles (15-49) have had oral sex, and 15% anal sex.

According to a Channel 4 sex survey, 31% of the U.K. population have experienced anal sex. Oral sex is practically universal. 96% of those experiencing ‘straight’ sex have also experienced oral sex.

‘Pedały’- views on homosexuality:
25% of Poles believe that sexual relations among people of the same sex are normal.

48% of Poles state they have nothing against gays, but believe homosexuality to be ‘unnatural’.

As many as 35% of Poles (15-49) believes that those who feel sexually attracted to their own sex should actively seek a ‘cure’.

32% of respondents believe that homosexuals should be able to legalize their relationship.

According to the B.B.C., 39% of ‘Brits’ see homosexual relationships as ‘normal’, and 45% are in favour of gay marriage.

‘Living in sin’ – attitudes to cohabitation:
22% of Poles (15-49) live in informal relationships. Of these people, 28% intend to marry in the near future. 26% of Poles believe that marriage is not necessary to be with someone you love.

Only 14 % of the U.K. population are opposed to co-habitation.

“Are you going to be spending all night on the computer?” – Sex and the Internet:
49% of men and 27% of women in Poland have searched for erotic material on the internet. 10% of Poles had sex with a person met on the internet.

A Daily Telegraph survey could not find a single man in the U.K. in the 20 – 30 age bracket who had never viewed internet porn.


‘A bit on the side’ - infidelity in Polish relationships:
21% of men and 12% of women admit to having been unfaithful to their partners

14% of men and less than 0.5% of women admit to having paid for sexual services.

In the United Kingdom, 22% of British men and 14% of married women admit to having ‘cheated’ on their partners.

‘Prudence and the pill’ – methods of contraception:
The majority of Poles (15-49) have used some method of birth control during sexual intercourse during the last 12 months. The most frequently used methods are condoms (66%), contraceptive pills (30%), coitus interruptus (21%) and the  rhythm method (13%).

The most popular methods of contraception in the United Kingdom are: the contraceptive pill (25%), condoms (25%). Only 4% practice withdrawal, and 3% use the rhytnm method.

‘Brewer’s droop’ – male impotence:
Erectile dysfunction occurs in 5% of men aged 25-29 years, in 4% of men aged 30-49 years, and 11% of men aged 50-59 years.

The usual worldwide estimate for male impotence in all ages is 10%, with 6.5% for those under 30.


Main sources used for the British figures are the Guardian and the B.B.C. unless otherwise indicated.

Further information on Professor Izdebski’s research (in Polish).





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