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Borat makes promotional video for Szczecin


An official city promotional video of ‘the tall ships’ races’, coming to Szczecin in 2013, has been likened to a ‘Borat-style parody’ by bemused internet commentators.

Borat promotional video for Szczecin

“Come to Szczecin – is nice, I like”

In 2013, Szczecin once again hosts the ‘Tall ships’ Races. Szczecin city council, however, has gone about promoting this major and prestigeous event in a somewhat bizarre and amusingly incompetent fashion. To be honest, the video promoting this event seems to have far more in common with a Sasha Baron Cohen Borat-style parody, than a professional, twenty-first century production, sponsored by a modern European city.

The actors appearing in the film appear shocked and surprised that they are being filmed, are unable to look at the camera, and sometimes mumble incomprehensible nonsense in broken English. Furthermore, it is not at all clear what location the images in the background are attempting to depict, as if it were Ed Wood himself who had produced the film, and Szczecin were located somewhere on the Mediterranean coast.

At first, I thought the whole thing to have been an ingenious and clever spoof. However, it appears to be a genuine and official production. Please check out

And now, as Borat might say, “Enjoy.”

Unfortunately, the video has now been taken down.

However, if anyone is looking for anything in the ‘so bad it’s genius’ category, here is a video by the immortal Tommy Seebach:


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5 comments to “Borat makes promotional video for Szczecin”

  1. Atlis · 2012/11/17 · Permalink Reply


  2. Warren Whitmore · 2012/11/17 · Permalink Reply

    Highlights of clip:

    0:01 Where the fuck am I?

    0:25 “You can see historical ships and the best … erm”

    0:36 Singing woman

    0:58 “Join with me at the battle of ….. ”

    1:09 That tie.

    1:20 “Wtf am I supposed to say?”

    1:28 Wtf is she wearing?

    1:37 What the fuck ?!?!

    1:42 “Jestem Tadeusz z Poznania”

  3. Gustaw Fit · 2012/11/17 · Permalink Reply

    Tall Ship race – taka regata najlepsza na świecie :):):) – new promo text for Tall Ship races 2013 – you bet.

  4. Warren Whitmore · 2012/11/17 · Permalink Reply

    Gdzie najlepiej promować Szczecin i przyszłoroczne regaty The Tall Ships Races? Tylko na Targach Regionów i Produktów Turystycznych Tour Salon!

  5. Warren Whitmore · 2012/11/18 · Permalink Reply

    Ewen Bremner (Spud from ‘Trainspotting) even makes an appearance at 1:18.

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