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On Wednesday, April 3rd The Castle of the Pomeranian Dukes will be celebrating the 770th Anniversary of the City of Szczecin receiving its official city rights in 1243.

On this day, the castle is offering everyone who “likes” the castle on Facebook to tour the castle and all its exhibitions for FREE!!!
For those who don’t have Facebook and don’t plan to join, you can still enjoy a discount on Wednesday. In this case you can tour each section of the castle for 2PLN instead of six.

Castle FaceBook Page – Make sure to “LIKE” it!

Castle HOURS: 10am-6pm

Here are the HIGHLIGHTS of the Castle Exhibitions:

THE CASTLE MUSEUM (including exhibitions)

If you’re only going to visit one section of the castle, I would recommend this one. When you enter the Castle Museum, going down the stairs, the first thing you see are the sarcophagi of the Pomeranian Dukes, surrounded by Baroque statues and carvings.
Following the stairs further down you enter an exhibition of the archeological artifacts found on the castle hill dating as far back as the 8th Century, when there was a Pagan Temple there. This part of the exhibition also shows the extent of damage that befell the castle during WWII and the extensive restoration that has to be done to bring it back to its present day glory.
The other two must-see’s in this section of the castle are Lubinus’ Study and the Witch’s cell. Elihard Lubinus was the 16th Century Scholar who was commissioned, by Phillip II in 1610, to create The Great Map of Pomerania. There is an original print, from 1758, on display in the study along with some of the cartography instruments that would have been used by Lubinus to make the unique Pomeranian masterpiece.
Finally, in the witches cell you can view some of the torture instruments used used to maim and humiliate suspected witches into submission. The exhibition also tells the story of Sydonia von Borck, also known as Sidonia the Sorceress, a Pomeranian noble woman executed for witchcraft and accused of causing the extinction of the House of Griffins. Unfortunately the exhibition is not English friendly. Hopefully this will change in the future.

The Chambers (with the Elizabethan and John Fryderick Hall)
Here you will find an exhibition of how the royal chambers of the Pomeranian Dukes might have been decorated. There are some original coins from the 16th and 17th centuries as well as documents with wax seals stamped by the Pomeranian Dukes.
This part of the castle is currently hosting an exhibition dedicated to the January Uprising of 1863 and an Art exhibition dedicated to the concept of “Time”.

Castle Chambers

Castle Chambers

Kamila Prawda

Kamila was born in Szczecin and grew up in California. She has come here to promote cultural diversity and to bring people together for a better Szczecin. Kamila is a natural helper and people person. If you need help in English (in Szczecin) or have any questions or suggestions you can contact KamilaPrawda -at- or

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