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Anna German


All of Poland is buzzing about Anna German as the miniseries about her life is being watched by a weekly audience of over 6 million. Who was this beloved star, known all over the world for having the voice of an angel?

Anna German

Anna German’s story is tragic but not unfamiliar for someone living during that time. She was born in 1936, in Urgench, Uzbekistan. A descendant of a Plautdietsch (Dutch/Low German) speaking Mennonite colony invited to Russia by Catherine the Great, who was born in Szczecin by the way. Her father, Eugen Hörmann (German in Polish) was accused of spying and executed by the NKWD in 1937. Anna and her mother were deported to the Kyrgyz SSR.

Anna’s mother married a Polish Army officer and was able to apply for repatriation to Poland. They returned to Poland in 1946 and settled in Nowa Ruda, before moving to Wrocław in 1949. Anna was an excellent student but her passion was always singing. Her mother’s strict expectations were that she receive an education and pursue a respectable career. Anna graduated at the top of her class at the University of Wrocław with a degree in Geology in 1962. However her destiny was on stage.

Anna German2

Anna had made her singing debut in 1961 at Kalambur in Wrocław. By 1963 she was on the stage at the prestigious Sopot festival, where she won second prize for her song, “Tak mi z tym źle”. In 1964 Anna was already a certified star. Her song “Tańczące Eurydyki” won second prize at the Annual Festival in Opole and two awards at the Festival in Sopot. In 1965 Anna won first prize at Opole for her song “Zakwitnę Różą”. That same year she was invited to Italy. In 1966 she signed a multi-record, three year recording contract with Italian record label CDI. In 1967 she performed as the first non-Italian at the Naples Song Festival, and soon after performed at the world famous San Remo Music Festival.

In 1967, Anna German was in a serious car accident on the Italian “Highway of the Sun”. It took her three years to recover from her injuries, during which time she wrote an autobiography and hosted a radio show.

In 1970 Anna resumed singing and began recording and winning numerous awards again. In march 1972 she married the love of her life Zbigniew Tucholski and they had a son in 1975. Around this time she was discovered to have cancer, however it was hidden from the public.

Anna German performed in France, Belgium, Germany, USA, Canada and Australia as well as most countries in the former Soviet Union. She released records in Polish, Russian and Italian. In the last years of her life she composed spiritual songs, which she recorded on a portable recorder in bed. She died on August 25, 1982 from bone cancer, and was buried in Warsaw.

Anna German’s voice was never forgotten, which is obvious by the numerous reissues of her albums and documentary films made about her. The latest mini-series, shot in Russia and watched by over 20 Million viewers, has Polish fans young and old, glued to the screens.

You can watch the miniseries HERE, however the audio is a Polish dub.

Anna German Singing In English

Anna German Opole 1964

Anna German Opole 1970


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