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British paedophile escapes Polish justice


According to the Polish prosecutor’s office, in 1991 Englishman Stuart Morgan is alleged to have taken part in sexual orgies with boys aged between twelve and fourteen. The Polish prosecutors office in Rzeszów, eastern Poland, has been attempting to have him extradited for twenty-two years, and are concerned that he will be able to travel again without hindrance when the arrest warrant runs out.

Stuart Morgan

Alleged paedophile Stuart Morgan has evaded Polish justice for twenty-two years

According to the Polsh judge, Januusz Nowiński, from the Ministry of Justice, Poland has greater difficulties in having suspects extradited from the United Kingdom than from any other European country. He complains that the United Kingdom does not fully trust Poland on human-rights issues, possibly because it is a former member of the Eastern block.

Stuart Morgan’s case is in its twenty-second year. It is connected with a group of men who organised sex orgies with boys aged between twelve and fourteen. At that time, Rzeszów was a fashionable destination for sex tourists. Two Poles who filmed the abuse were sentenced to five and six years respectively. An Englishman who only photographed minors, describing himself as a ‘pastor’, returned of his own free will to Poland, and was released after stating that the photographs had not been distributed and were only for his own personal use. The pastor was already known to Interpol for commiting sex acts against children. Stuart Morgan, however, avoided facing charges in Poland.

The evidence against Morgan appears strong. In 1991 he organised a holiday for four boys aged between 12 and 14 years old in Poland, and committed a number of sex acts with them. The prosecutor’s office has both the testimony of the boys concerned, as well as letters he wrote to a German friend, boasting of his activities.

Morgan escaped prosecution in the nineties because of a lack of a Europe-wide extradition treaty. In 2002, all the members of the European Union became obliged to extradite those wanted for crimes in other member states. In 2005, a year after Poland’s accession to the European Union, the court in Rzeszów demanded Morgan’s extradition to Poland.

It took over a year for the United Kingdom to respond. In the response, a letter from a psychiatrist was sent stating that Stuart Morgan was suffering from depression, and that extradition might worsen his condition. The United Kingdom authorities further demanded to know whether Morgan would receive medical help. They also expressed surprise that the case was still being pursued after so many years.

In 2011, the Polish prosecutor made a further attempt to have Morgan extradited under the “Convention on children’s rights concerning child trafficking and prostitution”, signed in New York in 2000. The British authorities responded that committing such acts in another country was not contrary to British law in 1991.

On Thursday, 11 April, 2013, Britain’s ambassador to Poland was asked to comment on Morgan’s extradition. He has so far failed to respond. On Monday, 15 April, 2013, the prosecutor’s office in Rzeszów published the following ‘wanted’ notice on its internet site:

Stuart Morgan

Details of alleged paedophile, Stuart Morgan


Full name: Stuart Joseph Morgan

Date of birth: 20 January 1948, Hereford

Last known address: Broadfield Road, Catford, S.E.6


Height: – 5 foot 8 inches

Nose – no information, scar at base

Hair – brown. naturally curly

Further details (Polish) in Gazeta Wyborcza

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  1. kc · 2013/08/21 · Permalink Reply

    It’s always been one sided friendship with the Brits
    We give them Enigma and fight Battle of Britain they give us communism and 50 years of poverty


    Give back our gold that we deposited in Bank of England before and during the war

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