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Students Unite @ AfroCordiac


This Friday, Corda will unite with IFMSA and Erasmus student associations, with the goal of partying all night! What an awesome way to integrate the young international community in Szczecin! Our readers are encouraged to come and further add to the melting pot of this evening!



This is a great step towards creating a united International Community in Szczecin! Bravo Corda!



Friday, April 19, 2013, 9PM

City Hall Club, 3 MAJA 18, Szczecin


Non-students: 10 zl


Corda Mentesque, meaning Hearts and Minds, is a fraternity with a focus on charity work that also plans social events in Szczecin. Founded by Norwegian medical students attending PUM, Corda’s activities have grown to assisting students with finding housing and much more. Yet Corda’s calling has turned out to be organising great parties! And who wouldn’t want to go to a  party with a bunch of sexy medical students ready to give you mouth to mouth?? ;)


Kamila Prawda

Kamila was born in Szczecin and grew up in California. She has come here to promote cultural diversity and to bring people together for a better Szczecin. Kamila is a natural helper and people person. If you need help in English (in Szczecin) or have any questions or suggestions you can contact KamilaPrawda -at- or

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