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Whats On: Aula 313


“The Rebirth of Szczecin Clubbing”



Friday, June 21st, 10pm

Saturday, June 22nd, 10pm


Aula 313


313 is the area code for Detroit. February saw the debut of a new series of parties called Aula 313, paying homage to the city from which Techno and all its freaky siblings sprang. The brainchild of veteran Szczecin DJ, Krzysztof Dobracki (Chris Da Break) and his highly talented friends, Aula 313 is meant to bring back the feeling of a good 80s/ 90s Techno party in your friend’s living room. (When his parents wern’t home).  If you’re old enough to remember, you know that’s a very good vibe. If you’re not, then you should definitely check it out!
Aula 313 will be taking place at Bohaterów Warszawy 75, every couple of weeks. Inside Aula 313 you will find three rooms. The first, dubbed 808, will feature ambient and chillout sounds. The next room, 303, will feature House and Chicago House. Finally, 909, the main stage inspired by Club Tresor in Berlin, will have you bouncing your head to the sounds of Detroit Techno. For those unaware, 303, 808, and 909 are the names of the old analog drum machines from which the original electronic sound was born. Dobracki and his fellow musical pioneers feel club music has “lost its soul” with the use of laptops and other common DJ tools, becoming too precise and less spontaneous. Aula 313 will bring you to your feet with the gritty impromptu mood that reminds us what REAL records, drum machines and DJs sound like.

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Kamila Prawda

Kamila was born in Szczecin and grew up in California. She has come here to promote cultural diversity and to bring people together for a better Szczecin. Kamila is a natural helper and people person. You can contact Kamila at kamilaprawda at gmail .com or at

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