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‘Halt! Who goes there?’ – cyclists and walkers beware near Lake Głębokie


The army shooting range hasn’t been used in years. The old warning signs are rusted over, and Nordic walkers roam the tank tracks. But suddenly the military police have appeared to fine anyone caught trespassing on military property to the north of Lake Głębokie, writes the local edition of ‘Gazeta Wyborcza’.


Sign marking the start of the ‘military area’ to the north of Lake Głębokie, Szczecin

Those living in the nearby village of Wołczkowo state that the last time shots were fired on the shooting range were in the middle of the nineties in the previous century.  Everyone has got used to the idea that the army no longer uses the terrain marked by yellow signs on the north bank of Lake Głębokie. People exercise their dogs here, or go mushroom collecting. The area has also been used for motor rallies, the last having been held at the end of August, 2013.

But now (September 2013) the area is being patrolled by military police, who are issuing fines of two hundred PLN to those caught trespassing in a ‘military area’.

‘Gazeta Wyborcza’ have commented on the absurdity of the fines, stating that the only purpose of the military police in the area is to keep up the pretense of actually appearing to be doing something useful.

However, on September 12th, 2013, I personally came across a group of men and women in military uniform near the northern bank of the lake. “Paintball?”, I asked. “No, we’re the Polish army”, one of the soldiers tersely replied.

Therefore, residents and visitors to Szczecin need to be informed that the area is currently being used for military exercises, and should be advised to keep clear of the signposted area, marked by yellow warning notices in Polish, English, German and Russian.


Look out for warning signs when walking near Lake Głębokie

English editor, A native of the Isle of Wight, Warren has been running the language teaching company, Go! Languages, with his wife Małgorzata, since 1997. A fan of England, Portsmouth F.C. and Pogoń Szczecin, Warren will be contribing articles on football for the Szczecinian.

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