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Lech Łotocki to play Lech Kaczyński in ‘Smoleńsk the movie.’


16.12.2013 Lech Łotocki is to play the role of the late president in the forthcoming movie ‘Smoleńsk‘.  “I will play Lech Kaczyński“, revealed the sixty-six year-old actor.


Lech Łotocki


Lech Łotocki is to play the role of the late president in the forthcoming movie ‘Smoleńsk‘.  “I will play Lech Kaczyński“, revealed the sixty-six year-old actor.

Finding anyone willing to play this controversial role is great news for the Catholic-conservative right in Poland.

Sixty-six year old Łotocki has been contracted to a Warsaw theatre company, Teatr Rozmaitości, since 1996. Although he has appeared in a number of film and television productions, he has  yet to take a leading role. Łotocki played the role of  innkeeper in Agnieszka Holland’s ‘Janosik’, and that of inspector in Krzysztof Zanussi’s ‘Persona non grata’.

When asked why he had agreed to take on the part, Łotocki explained:

“We cannot put aside and just forget about the Smoleńsk tragedy, and pretend to ourselves that everything was alright. Because it wasn’t ‘alright’. My opposition to this was a strong reason for my decision to play a part in this appeal for the truth.”

Łotocki admits that his willingness to take on the role is ‘controversial matter’ in the theatrical world. The popular Marian Opania, who the director Antoni Krauze regarded as the natural candidate, had already turned down the part, publicly stating:

“I am neither a follower of PiS (Law and Justice party) nor of the Kaczyński brothers. What the film-makers believe, namely that Smoleńsk was an assassination, is nonsense.”

Antony Krauze announced his intention of making ‘Smoleńsk’ a year ago, but the makers are having difficulty in funding the film, which has a budget of 11 million PLN (approximately 4 million USD). The money needed to produce the film is being collected by a special foundation, headed by a former head of Polish television, Bronisław Wildstein.

Krauze recently stated that he wouldn’t be seeking state funding from the Polish Film Institute, because of ‘the attitude in government circles towards Smoleńsk and how it has been explained to us.’ However, he appears to have recently changed his mind and has made an application for five-and-a-half million PLN.

Because of financial difficulties, the premiere of the film has been put back: from April to October, 2014.

The plot of the film, written by Marcin Wolski, is as yet unknown. The foundation financing the film has declared:

“(the film) is above all for those awaiting the story of what really happened in the Smoleńsk forest on the tenth of April, 2010. This is important for the construction ofPolish awareness, the fate of individuals and the future of the national community. Polish culture would be a crippled culture without such a film, waiting for its basic rights, deprived of its emotional bonds with the spiritual destiny of Poles.”

The film’s producer, Maciej Pawlicki, has stated that no scenes of the ‘assassination’ will be appearing in the film:

“We shall be showing different facts which give the impression that everything what happened appeared suspicious. If it wasn’t an assassination, at least many people were involved to make it appear as if it were”, stated Pawlicki.


The late president of Poland, Lech Kaczyński

Smolenśk film trailer (Polish):


Olaf Cai Larsen

Norwegian Cai Larsen, a freelance software developer and amateur film-maker, moved to Szczecin four years ago after meeting his current partner, Monika. Whilst living in Poland, Cai has worked hard on his Polish through the study of classic Polish films. Cai will be contributing reviews of Polish movies for the Szczecinian.

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