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Polish land belongs to Poles not foreigners!


15.01.2014 Protesting farmers, who yesterday demonstrated outside the administrative offices of the West Pomerania region in Szczecin, are demanding a meeting with the head of ANR (the Polish land agency) and the Minister of Agriculture.


Protesting farmers in Szczecin, Poland

EU foreign nationals are prohibited from buying land in Poland until 2016. However, the farmers fear that the land agency are turning a blind eye to the sale of state land to firms from outside Poland, and are demanding a change in the law to make it easier for young Polish farmers to buy land. Both the head of the Agriculture Department and the director of the Land Agency will be travelling this month to Szczecin to look into the ‘problem’.

It is not known whether West Pomerania farmers will again take to the streets in protest against EU nationals from outside Poland purchasing Polish land. In both 2012 and 2013, farmers blockaded the streets of Szczecin on a number of occasions, paralyzing traffic in the city, to show their opposition to land purchases in Poland by non-Poles. opinion:  Over seven hundred thousand Poles have moved to the U.K. since 2004, where they are entitled to take jobs, buy property and claim benefits. In 2014, however, non-Poles are still prohibited from purchasing land in Poland.

When Poland joined the EU, it was feared that Germans would flood to Poland to buy property. However, the population movement has mainly been in the other direction, with Poles purchasing real estate just over the German-Polish border, with Poles making up 25% of the population of some German villages close to Poland.

There appears to be something very wrong here. Any attempts by the British or German government or non-governmental organizations to restrict the rights of Poles to jobs or property in their countries would be met with cries of ‘racism’ or ‘we are all Europeans’. However, attempts by Poles to restrict the rights of their fellow EU citizens to buy land in ‘their’ country receive a sympathetic hearing from Polish governmental organizations.

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