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Not recommended – Cocomo ‘go go club’


‘Would you like to come to Cocomo, we’ve got beautiful girls?’. Any man wandering along the deptak in Szczecin after 8.00 p.m. is certain to be approached by one of the ‘pink umbrella girls’. Perhaps even by two or three. And they will never take ‘No’ for an answer.


‘Cocomo’ go go club, Szczecin

Should men allow themselves to be dragged into such a ‘den of iniquity’? Before setting foot in Cocomo, please be aware that the company ‘Ewent’ from Kraków which runs the ‘Cocomo’ chain is owned by one Jan S, currently awaiting trial on fraud charges.

On 11 march, 2014, Poland’s leading liberal newspaper ‘Gazeta Wyborcza’ published two articles about ‘Cocomo’ go-go clubs, which are now present in most of Poland’s major cities, including an anonymous interview with a female employee of Cocomo Szczecin.

The newspaper reports on the case of ‘Mateusz’ who entered Cocomo Poznań and left 5k PLN poorer, having lost consciousness after apparently only having drunk a single beer. ‘Mateusz’ reported the matter to the police, and is now awaiting the results of a drugs test to determine whether his drink had been interfered with.

According to the Poznań police, 12 similar complaints have been made in the city. Further similar accusations have been made by Cocomo customers in Warsaw, Kraków, Gdańsk, Sopot and Kielce.  The police have suggested that identical accusations from a number of Polish cities cannot all be coincidental.

One of the complaints was from a Pole who had been working in Norway, and had had two sums of 15k and 29k PLN debited from his account. Initial tests suggested he had been drugged.

The record formost money spent in Cocomo in an evening is apparently held by a Swede, who is said to have lost consciousness after purchasing two bottles of champagne. His evening in Cocomo set  him back a whopping 98k PLN (20k GBP, 25k EUR). therefore suggests that unless you have a strange desire to prove the old adage ‘a fool and his money are soon parted’ correct, or else wish to improve the bank balances of Polish fraudsters and gangsters, then please ignore the entreaties of the ‘pink umbrella girls’.

‘Cocomo’ – just say ‘No’.


‘Cocomo’ – just say ‘No’

Olaf Cai Larsen

Norwegian Cai Larsen, a freelance software developer and amateur film-maker, moved to Szczecin four years ago after meeting his current partner, Monika. Whilst living in Poland, Cai has worked hard on his Polish through the study of classic Polish films. Cai will be contributing reviews of Polish movies for the Szczecinian.

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11 comments to “Not recommended – Cocomo ‘go go club’”

  1. drupi · 2014/04/03 · Permalink Reply

    Thanks for interesting article. Gangster-run places like Cocomo should be closed down, but our corrupted authorities have some stakes in it, no doubt. And this ridiculous canvassing of prostitution by rude girls is simply something that should be prosecuted.

  2. they fraud my visa · 2014/05/31 · Permalink Reply

    Hello Thanks for this interesting doc, i’m french, and come back to my country yersteday with the amazing news that i had spent 11 000 € (27 000 zlt.) in Cocomo this week, wich is not possible, i have an insurance with my visa card but i’m afraid it works, please help me to find others victims…

  3. another victim · 2014/06/09 · Permalink Reply

    another victim of this scam, 1200€ stolen from my bank account (thanks god I had a lower limit than many other people), which I am pretty sure I never authorized. With this kind of places in the main square of many polish cities with total impunity after so many reports, I am even afraid of going to the police. Something smells really really bad there. Already contacted my bank, I hope I can get the money back.

  4. One more victim · 2014/06/22 · Permalink Reply

    One more! I lost 12’000 EUR 2 days ago. I do not remember what happened. I drunk one beer. After this full blackout. A report was made at the police station. They have a questionnaire especially for Cocomo. The police officers were kind, but they told that they can’t act against them because officially they are clean. It’s very clever. One mafia boss getting rich. If you want to get in touch with me feel free.

  5. another · 2014/08/16 · Permalink Reply

    Me too, ended up being charged £12,000 last week, don’t remember anything from 12.30am to 4.30am. I hope my credit card company will be able to sort it out.

  6. Cocomo drugging · 2014/08/18 · Permalink Reply

    Me too, Gdansk £4000 down the drain, I only had a few drinks from about 9pm, boss then brought in some “free” shots….. credit card required…. type in pin number……free shot…. credit card required…can’t stand.. helped to toilet sick in basin…credit card required to clean toilet (loss of earnings)… find my self outside on the pavement on all fours…..police turn up and take me back to hotel. Wake up next morning with no headache or sickness (so not drunk last night!), looked at credit card slips, couldn’t believe the totals and even more strange that the time on the slips were mostly around 1:40 am!! I went to police but they said without a blood test nothing could be proved, as I was going home to England the next day and I didn’t want to spend the rest of my holiday in a hospital! and now I guess it’s too late to do anything apart from cash in my two ISAs and try to pay off the credit card bill before Christmas.

  7. blackout · 2014/12/19 · Permalink Reply

    Last weekend they took my money. One drink with girl then I don’t remember anything. They took my wallet. Next day I went there (just remember that my wallet is there ) they told that my wallet is in their office which is not open today. So next day I went to office but surprise my wallet is not there. They said that it has been taking to police office. OK, then I started to look from net what can I find about this club. And I found a lot. So next day I went to police office and it was, how can I say… suspicious. Because what I had read about these cases I decided left the town. Later I found out that they have took around 2300€ from one drink! And I don’t know what there was waiting for me in police station?

  8. few words about "Desire" · 2015/06/02 · Permalink Reply

    Many people have their money stolen there, we have been beaten up and pepper sprayed. Enough said, stay away.

  9. drugged and robbed · 2015/11/10 · Permalink Reply

    They got me also. I remember them asking when I was flying back so look for targets who are going home soon so wont do a drug test. Looks like they for £6k from me. They didnt even throw me out after I was sick. These people are evil

  10. drugged and scammed · 2015/11/25 · Permalink Reply

    In Sopot the Cocomo club is now called “Kitten” or Kitty” Club. They are still doing it! Was drugged and robbed.

  11. scammed · 2016/01/26 · Permalink Reply

    Fucking bastards. I went to club Fever in Wroclaw, whick is club cocomo but with another name. I only ordered 2 beers and i dont remember anything, and the next day i realized that i had 3000euros less in my bank account. What it is amazing is that if you have paid by debit card is litlle you can do but if you have paid by credit card maybe the bank will give you your money back.

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